We are all born perfect

We all have what it takes to become masters at whatever road we choose in life. Why is it that some people are shy while others are bold and charismatic? At birth we are all born perfect. We are each like a small acorn waiting for that fire to ignite us so we may grow into beautiful forest. So again I ask, why do some seem to have it all while others drift to the wayside?

It is our society we live in that helps to shape and mold us. Children are very influential and they absorb way more than we give them credit for. Why do we need to follow the old adage of a child must be seen and not heard. It’s time to wake up and encourage our children to be free to express themselves.

My husband and I were driving home the other night with our 2 daughters. Ry was trying to listen to the hockey game on the radio. Reika and Reese decided to have a happy screaming competition. Ry said to the girls, “shhh, daddy’s trying to listen to the hockey.” Do you think they listened? No, they just got louder. We all laughed and realized the girls were simply trying to express themselves.

Growing up if you asked people to describe me the’d say I was shy and quiet. How does a shy, quiet girl have aspirations to become a motivational speaker? I was reading my Grade 1 report card and my teacher wrote that I had a tendency to talk too much and liked to disturb those around me. During performance reviews at work I always get the same complaint. It was obviously sometime around my early childhood that I decided to shut up.

Educators and parents alike should take note and teach their children that it is okay to express themselves. Perhaps in the classroom provide our children ample time to talk while also teaching them of other ways to express themselves.



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