Show someone how much you appreciate them

Well, Happy Valentines Day everyone! Today is the perfect day to reach out and show someone how much you appreciate having them in your life.

One of my best friends is also one of my greatest loves. My husband Ryan. From the beginning, he has always been there for me supporting me everything. He was the one who helped me battle through some of my insecurities and pushed me to really reach for the top. He was the one who inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to find a career. When we were planning our wedding I decided to do the Calgary Fit Bride program. He asked if there was a Fit Groom program, and instead our trainer Adrianne saw our potential and did a couples session for us.

Ryan has been there for me when crisis hit and we had our miscarriage. He rushed me around to my appointments and had taken such good care of me he even impressed my mom.

On the flip side, he was also by my side both times when the greatest joys of my life came into this world, of our 2 daughters. He took me to all my appointments, took care of Reika when Reese was born, was with me the whole time during my c-section, and stayed by my side at the hospital.

There have been times when I have taken his love and support for granted. These times have been too many. Too often we don’t stop and say how much we appreciate our loved ones.

Ry, I love you with all my heart and greatly appreciate everything you do for me.



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