Embrace the light!

While reading Deepak Chopra’s, The Third Jesus, I had a revelation. He talks about the scripture lesson where Jesus tells his followers, “I am light.” (John 9:5). Then a “light” came on and got me thinking about the people who have near death experiences. Often times people will talk about seeing a light at the end of a long tunnel that they seem drawn to. This light is a glimpse at the way to enlightenment.

People joke and say, “Don’t go towards the light.” Why do we all fear going towards the light. In truth we should all embrace it.

We are all creatures of the universe. We are all in control of our own destinies. We are all equal. We were created from the clays of this Earth, and to the dust we shall return. Embrace the light as it does not mean death, it instead leads us to enlightenment. It helps us to find our inner selves, or God, or whichever deity you choose to believe in. We are all light, so walk towards the light and bask in its warmth. When we look within, we become part of the light.


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