I am a runner…

I am totally stoked that I recently registered to do my first half-marathon in September. One day I had an inkling that I wanted to do a half-marathon. I was scared and nervous as I have never competitively raced before up to 2 years ago. I had actually wanted to do this race a couple of years ago, but the universe had better plans for me.

I have decided to take some advice and share the great news with those around me. My friends and co-workers have all asked, “Are you a runner?” Before answering that question, I have to pause and think and then say, “Yes I am.” By saying “yes,” I am putting the vibe out there to the universe that yes I am a runner, and I can run a half-marathon. I believe I can do it. I was even so excited that I was dreaming of coming in the top 5. Now I will be grateful to of course to get through the race and see the  proud faces of my daughters and my husband at the end of the finish line.

Remember that first and foremost, you need to believe in yourself. I believe I can do it. I know I can.




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