Spontaneity sparks the most magical moments.

Sometimes the best moments in life happen spontaneously. We need to relearn to let our hair down, to dance in the rain and enjoy life. Observe a young child, everything is spontaneous. They don’t sit there and plans for weeks, months, or years in advance what they are going to do at any given moment. At times we spend too much time planning.

Years ago when I was a Spark’s leader, I showed up one night to find out the leader who was supposed to plan that evening decided not to show up. I was left with another leader with no plan for the evening. I quickly looked in our craft box and realized there were some paper bags, string, googly eyes and some other craft supplies. I made an on the spot decision to make paper bag puppets. The other leader who was with me that evening said I seemed so organized.

So take what you have on hand and do something spontaneous.


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