You control your own destiny.

The world today is in a constant array of change. Change is unavoidable. Look at technology as an example, it has changed the moment we get to the till to purchase the latest and greatest model of cell phone, computer, you name it. That latest and greatest gets replaced at super speed by the next latest and greatest.

The corporate world is drastically changing too. The last few years have seen companies fold, and existing companies trying to figure out how to stay afloat. One of my favorite books I read recently is Robin Sharma’s “The Leader Who Had No Title.” This book is quite fitting for today’s corporate world. The title speaks  for itself in that you don’t need a fancy title or the corner office to lead.

There is a company I know of that is recently going through some changes. A friend of mine has told me that she keeps reminding her co-workers that they are in charge of their own destiny. They all work in the front lines and are part of the integral glue that holds the company together. As this team discovered, management did not realize the extent of the work that went on within the group. Therefore, instead of relying solely on management for guidance on how to restructure the team, they have chosen to work together with management to help shape their own destinies.

Remember, you are in control of your life, both your work life and your personal life.


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