We are all human.

We need to remember we are all human. Do not be afraid when you are dealing with someone you view to be of a higher status than you. That person may have a fancy title behind their name or may be famous, etc, but in the end they are still human and eat, breathe, and sleep just like the rest of us.

I learned this lesson when I was in university. I was part of a student organization that facilitated international work exchanges (AIESEC). I was on my local chapters executive, as VP Marketing. The position entailed going around to local businesses to promote and sell our exchange program. I was meeting with VP’s and Presidents of many different companies, and I felt nervous as hell. I had this mental picture, why would a president of a company first of talk to me since I was only a  university student. Needless to say I was not successful in selling our exchange program, and I hadn’t generated any exchanges myself. Later my husband pointed out the fact I should have realized I was a VP as well, and was a VP meeting with another VP or President. I can’t go back and change what happened, but the lesson has stuck with me and has helped me change my perspective.

Today I sometimes have to interact with senior management in my company. Before dealing with someone who I hold to have a higher status, I always remind myself that they are human as well, and are really no different than myself. As you go about your life, remember we are all the same in the end.


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