Send love and light to shower Japan.

This past week has been quite something. Everywhere you turn, you hear news about the earthquake in Japan. The pictures are unreal, and I cannot begin to imagine what some people have gone through. As hard as it may seem, we need to keep moving forward. We need to count our blessings and be grateful. I know the experience that survivors may have gone through will most likely impact their lives forever. I pray that they may be showered in love and light, and that their wounds may be healed with time.

I am also amazed by the Japanese spirit. When tough times come, the community pulls together and finds ways to help one another out. Instead of creating more chaos, they work together.

From the outside looking in, we may ask ourselves, how can we help? You can of course always open up your pocket-book and send donations through organizations such as the Red Cross. You could even look at volunteering. People would be grateful for any kind of help they can get. Volunteering does not mean you have to travel to Japan. You could look for ways to volunteer here. Call the Red Cross and find out if there are ways you can help here. Perhaps there are fundraisers that require volunteers. Of course, if you have the capital and the time to volunteer to travel to Japan to assist in any way needed, I say go for it, and kudos to you for doing it.

In the meantime, help send loving thoughts and prayers to those in need. Lets focus our energies on the stories of heroism and survival. Give thanks to those whose lives have been lost, and remember their memories live on. Japan has amazing strength and will continue to persevere and figure out how they can be better prepared for the next time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Japan.


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