I will not worry, Part 2.

I want to continue on my blog from this morning. When I got into work, I realized my phone was not at my desk as I previously thought. I retraced my steps, suspended my phone number, and contacted our receptionist and security. I felt beside myself for most of the morning, and I kept reminding myself that everything would work out.

By the end of today I still did not have my phone. I was getting nervous. I came to the realization that I might never get my phone back and was prepared to search for my old phone to transfer my number to until I would decide to buy another iPhone. When I got on my bus this evening I decided to ask my bus driver to check the bus we were on last night to see if I happened to drop it. When I walked in my door at home, the phone rang (not my cell phone). It was my bus driver, he had found my phone.

Earlier in the day my husband had phoned me at work to remind me of a few things I needed to do. He said he was reminding me since I was having a bad day. I told him, “I’m not having a bad day, I’m having an awesome day.” By choosing acceptance of my loss and choosing to remain positive, I was rewarded with my phone.

As mentioned before, choosing acceptance and remaining positive, positive things will happen.

Have an awesome, great and positive weekend!


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