Take a break

Today’s society is too overworked. We are all too busy trying to get ahead to “keep up with the Jones'” or “to live the American dream.” We have forgotten how to relax and take pleasure in even the smallest joys in life.

I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book “Eat, Love, Pray,” at the moment. She talks about the Italians ability to do nothing, and find pleasure in the simplest things.

Since having kids, I have learned to slow down and marvel at the simplicities of life. We just returned from a family vacation and I enjoyed every moment of it. This year we travelled to Florida. My both my daughters adore the beach. When my oldest, who is 2, saw me packing the sun screen, she started yelling “beach, beach, beach!” We were fortunate to stay right on Daytona Beach and showed her in the morning that the beach was right outside her window. She loved running down the beach. Even our youngest daughter who is 1 was infatuated by the waves and the ocean and loved splashing in the water.

There was a point where I decided to drive down this one road just because. We ended up driving past some gorgeous waterfront houses. We also had fun trying to drive at least once over every bridge in Daytona. My husband reminded me that the old Jen would never had done fun things like that. It may seem weird, but you need to learn to relax and enjoy life.

I also marveled at taking Reika on the Super Grover rollercoaster at Busch Gardens, and watching Reese splash away in the water parks. Or stopping for all you can eat ribs, then having to go eat another meal immediately so the good Southern hospitality would not go to waste.

Take time out of your day to enjoy life’s pleasures. It could be as simple as taking a walk through a park at lunch, or having a hot bubble bath before you go to bed, or enjoying the moment of having your child climb all over you.

Everyone deserves to experience true bliss. Find that inner child in you and go make mud pies. “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” – Dalai Lama. Find out what makes you happy.


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