There are no wrong decisions!

There are no wrong decisions in life. There are people out there, myself included who are afraid of making decisions. As I mentioned on my Monday blog, sometimes you need to take that leap of faith and leave the easy path through life, and take the more challenging one.

My husband had told me once he was nervous about my decision making skills. He had thought when we had kids if it came to a decision as to whether to buy milk or diapers I would freeze on the spot and have a breakdown. Since then he has helped me get through my mental road block of decision making.

I have also had the pleasures of making on the spot decisions at work. Sometimes they have worked out, and other times you learn from your mistakes. Whatever decision you choose, remember there are no wrong decisions. The decision you made was obviously the one that was meant to be. If there is a decision that is not sitting well with you, then figure out the lesson that goes with that decision and “keep moving forward” – Walt Disney. Stop living in the past replaying every possible alternative scenario. One of my favorite movies is “The Love Guru.” The Love Guru is talking about one of his books, “Why are you hitting yourself? Why do you keep hitting yourself? Stop hitting yourself!”

Elisabeth Fayt once recommended to write your decision on a piece of paper and tuck it under your pillow at night. This will help the universe tap into your consciousness to provide you with the answer you are seeking. Remember to be grateful of all that is provided, and as Jesus once said, “Seek and you shall find.”


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