What season does your life reflect?

What a glorious spring morning it is today. It is now a new month, spring is starting to feel as though it has arrived, and there is a sense of change in the air. As per “Who Moved My Cheese,” it is time to sniff out the new cheese and leave the old cheese behind.

Just as our climate has different seasons, as lives have different seasons. Our seasons may differ in length from one to another. There may be seasons we dislike, and others in which we wish could last forever. Embrace each season of life as each season brings with it a new sensory buffet. Each season also has it’s own beauty to offer.

Spring offers a renewal of life that leads us to enjoy the long days of summer. In fall we prepare the harvest to last us through winter. While in winter we reserve our energy to start the cycle of the seasons all over again.

What season does your life reflect?


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