Thanks mom!

I wanted to give thanks to my mom. Mother’s Day is this weekend so what better time than to say thanks mom.

Dear Mom,

I want to thank you for bringing me I into this life. I am eternally grateful for all the life lessons you have taught me along the way and continue to teach me. There were times when as a teen I may not have been as open to all your criticisms. Now that I’m older and have kids of my own, I now realize your intentions were only there to help guide me through life.

I always thought I had a stronger relationship with Dad. Looking back I realize I learned the most lessons from you. I have learned to always try my best at everything I do. I have learned it is okay to make mistakes. I have learned to overcome my fears. Most of what I have learned about being a parent has come from you. I know when the times get tough to keep my chin up. You have helped to shape me into the woman I have become today. I am proud to have you as my mom and I thank you.

Love you lots mom!


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