Just do it!

As the Nike ad campaign once said, “Just do it!” If there is something you would really like to do, what is stopping you from doing it. Get out there and “Just do it!” I was out running with my running group the other night, and our instructor was mentioning how there is not a running club in our town, I asked her she should start one up. She organized our running class, so there is approximately 20 people right there who would probably join the club.

How do you know how successful you will be at something? You don’t. Go out there and give it a try and give it your absolute best and you should succeed. There are some exciting opportunities coming up in my life. I keep motivating myself to hang in there, that I am worthy of everything that enters my life. When I do my little mantra in the morning, I ask for my dreams or something better.

Be a trailblazer and be the first one to plow through the snow, and “Just do it!”


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