WOW! Is how I’m describing my life right now. There are so many fabulous things happening. This morning I got up and felt like I should have stayed in bed as I was so tired. I stood in front if the mirror all weary eyed and told myself, “I have an abundance of energy!” WOW, I instantly perked up.

As I’m getting ready for the day I quickly check my email on my phone and discovered I have my first subscriber, aside from my husband of whom I signed him up, to my blog. WOW, I was instantly stoked.

Lately I’ve felt like I wanted a pair of hot pink pumps. I could see exactly what I wanted. Yesterday I went shoe shopping and WOW, I was so excited I found the pair I envisioned. I haven’t bought them yet as I wanted a new pair of shoes for my job interview tomorrow, and they would have had to order my size which takes 3-6 days. Instead, I bought my second choice and told the sales clerk I would be back to order the pink ones WHEN I get my new position.

Oh, by the way, did I mention I’m doing a job interview tomorrow? WOW! It’s for the Team Lead position in the group I’m in right now. After returning from mat leave, I came back part-time so as to maximize my time with my family. There had been some changes at my company which left our Team Lead role empty with no intention to fill it. Times are changing again, and now we are in need of a Team Lead. I have my interview tomorrow afternoon and, WOW, I feel stoked about the opportunity and ready to face a new challenge in life.

WOW! I have also met some awesome neighbors and signed up to be a rep in a jewelry company. More so to get some treats for myself. What woman doesn’t need some nice jewelry to go with those new hot pink pumps! Also, I’ve always been saying I need one of those magical unlimited credit cards that someone else pays so I can rebuild my wardrobe once I loose my baby weight while I training for my half-marathon.

WOW! I have become part of a wonderful running Ohana in my town. I feel so great after my runs. Melissa’s, I’ll be ready for you in September.

To top it all off this morning (and it’s only 6 am), the mountains are extra glorious and majestic today. WOW!


One Reply to “WOW!”

  1. I always tell kids to get up in the morning look in the mirror and say today is going to be a great day. Amazing how that works hey. Good luck with the job interview.

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