I am…

I went to see Dr. Wayne Dyer earlier in the week. What an amazing show. He talked about believing in yourself and self-manifestations. When you say “I am…” and wholly believe in what you are, you can achieve anything. He invited a girl whose face was partially paralyzed. When he first met her, he told her to tell herself, “I am paralysis free,” every morning, and imagine herself paralysis free. Today, she is paralysis free.

As long as what you believe in is in alignment with the universe, you can achieve anything. If you are overweight, tell yourself, “I am…lbs.” If you are addicted to something, tell yourself, “I am addiction free.” If you want wealth in your life, tell yourself, “I am wealthy.” Now you need to believe in yourself and be able to picture yourself in these situations. Dr Dyer explains if you are unable to picture yourself in a particular situation, then you will be unable to attain that goal. He talked about an interview he had with an ABC News anchor who asked him, “So I can simply say I am a football player for the NFL.” Dr Dyer asked him, “Can you picture yourself as a football player.” He said no, then Dr Dyer went on to explain, then you will never be a football player. You must be able to envision your goal and believe you can attain it in order to reach it. No matter how lofty a goal, no matter how much outside resistance you may encounter, if you whole heartedly believe, then you can achieve.


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