Manifesting your dreams.

I have talked before about manifesting my house, and many others have talked on the subject of positive thinking and self-manifestations before.

Some things I have learned about manifesting my dreams is first, it all starts with a dream. At this point Dr Martin Luther King Jr’s famous words echo in my head, “I have a dream…”

I have always been great at dreaming, both while awake and asleep. As a kid I always wanted to drive a BMW. Now as an adult, I have my BMW. I wanted to get my degree from the University of Calgary; I now have that degree. I’ve always loved watching TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” and wondered how to get one of those mystical $5,000 shopping cards. I believe I have found my solution to having my fashion shopping spree by becoming a rep in a direct marketing jewelry company. These are only a few of my dreams.

Another note on manifestation as Dr Wayne Dyer puts it, is it real. Can you picture yourself living your dream? Olympic gold medalist, Mark Tewksbury said while he was training for the Barcelona Olympics he would go to hockey games. When ever anyone would cheer, he imagined they were cheering for him. Another example is from NBC’s Minute to Win It from the other night. The girl ended up winning $250,000. Before each challenge she would focus and visualize herself winning the challenge. She even had the audience visualizing her winning. Her goal was to leave with enough money to bring her family back together. To help keep her dream of winning real, she made herself a cheque from NBC for $1,000,000 which she carried around with her.

Write down your dreams and share them with people. When you share your dreams with your friends and family, it holds you accountable to your dreams. If you meet resistance, tell yourself you are worthy of making your dreams come true.

Don’t be afraid to dream BIG! As long as you are open and patient, anything can be achieved. Patience is a big key as well as most times our dreams take time to unfold.

Make it your own. In the movie, “Bobby,” Samuel L Jackson plays the head chef at the hotel where Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. He tells a story of trying to make his Grandmother’s famous blueberry cobbler. Each time he made it, it was either too sweet, or not sweet enough. It was when he decided to do make it his own way that it became perfect. The same goes for your dreams. Don’t try to live someone else’s dreams and don’t make someone else live your dreams.

From Walt Disney’s Cinderella, “A dream is a wish your heart makes…” As the Bible says, “all will be provided for you.” What are your dreams? Ask yourself that, visualize yourself achieving those dreams and keep it real, then watch your dreams come true.


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