Stop being a lady on the basketball court!

When I was in high school (grade 10 to be exact) I badly wanted to be on the basketball team. I had never played organized sports outside of phys ed and I loved playing basketball. So I went to try outs and I missed the cut. I was devastated. My mom told me to talk to my coach to find out what I could improve on to make the cut the next year. The first thing he told me was to stop being a lady on the court and start being a basketball player. That lesson has stuck vividly in my mind since that day. To let you know, I did make the team the next year.

I had another moment of this lesson recently. I currently am working part-time and an excellent opportunity arose that I chose to pursue. It was team lead of my team at work. It would have meant going full-time, and I was prepared to make the sacrifice. I felt as though I was already a “leader without a title,” as Robin Sharma would call me. Now the opportunity existed for me to step it up and be given a title of leadership. Last week my manager informed me he gave the position to another person in our company. Sure I was disappointed, although I listened to his advice with an open mind and heart. He was happy to hear from other people in our company that I was taking initiative and working at growing my leadership skills. The chosen person had a few more strengths in some areas than I had. He also let me know there could come some other opportunities my way at a later date. Even though he didn’t say it directly, I heard those words of my basketball coach echoing in my ears, “stop being a lady on the court…”

There are always lessons to be learned in every event. You are always in the place you are meant to be at any given moment. Never give up your dreams and always ask for what you want or something better.

I am at peace with the decision. I am grateful for this learning opportunity. As Robin Sharma says in “The Leader Without a Title,” be the best in the world at what you do.



One Reply to “Stop being a lady on the basketball court!”

  1. Keep your head up Jen and keep your eyes open for that other opportunity. I always say things happen for a reason so obviously this wasn’t meant to be at this time.

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