Just be yourself

One lesson I have learned when dealing with people is it is best to be yourself. A lot of times people try too hard to fit in. It seems as though we all forget we are all human with subtle differences. At the end of the day, we are all born the same way, we all need to eat and drink to stay alive, and our bodies will all perish at some moment in time.

I may have told this story in a previous blog, and I find it is an important story about being genuine and making it your own. In the movie, “Bobby,” Samuel L Jackson plays the head chef at the hotel where Robert Kennedy was assassinated. He tells a story to his fellow chefs about his grandmother’s famous blueberry cobbler. His grandmother had taught him the recipe yet whenever he made it, it was either too sweet or not sweet enough. He then realized he was trying too hard to copy the way his grandmother made the recipe. When he chose to make the cobbler his own way, it turned out perfect.

The lesson is to go through life at the beat of your own drum. When you choose to make your life your own, that is when you will truly succeed.


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