Celebrate your success

I was reminded last night of not to let excuses rule my life. My one daughter picked out Dr Wayne Dyer’s book “No Excuses” to have as one of her bedtime stories. It is a children’s story about not letting excuses guide you. Adults can certainly learn from this book as well. Lately, most of my excuses have been self-generated. What I was failing to see, was actually how successful I have been.

I was starting to feel a bit demotivated about the jewelry business I had gotten into. Opportunities felt as though they were slipping by. As I’ve been writing about all week, I need to be patient. I have a whole bunch of opportunities on the horizon. In the training courses, they tell you to celebrate your no’s and to look at it as planting a seed. You never know who your next best customer or your next stylist may be, or simply your next friend.

I called up my coach last night for a pick me up call, and she told me not to view this journey as a sprint to the finish, yet view it as a long race you must pace yourself for. This is so true. It is easy to get caught up and try to chase the leaders. Yet if you burn all your energy at the beginning of the race, you end up tiring yourself out too early. I was also reminded to celebrate your successes, no matter how big or small. I was excited I earned some free jewelry credits. My coach also pointed out that I am her leading sales person this month.

Yesterday I went for a run at lunch. I never imagined myself running 4 sets of 7 minutes walk a minute. I was so proud of myself. One of my co-workers asked if I’ll be ready for my half-marathon in the fall. I told him, of course I am.

When you get yourself in a rut, sit down and make a list of your achievements. Perhaps your achievement is something like getting out and going for a walk around the block. It could be spending time with loved ones. Or it could be landing the major account you’ve been working on. Whatever your achievement is, celebrate it today.


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