A Simple Shift

A friend of mine reminded me yesterday that everything doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes you need to wait for the universe to find you the right opportunity and let the pieces guide themselves into place.

I can remember my parents telling me they had to work hard to earn everything they have. When they first got their leather couch I remember wanting one of my own when I move out. My mom told me her and my dad never had a leather couch when they got their first place. In fact there are stories of the old milk carton coffee tables. I too have had to live in the dingy basement suite with hand-me-down furniture before I got a beautiful house. And our house still needs a lot of TLC.

Life is the same way, you generally have to take baby steps before reaching your goal. Even once you’ve reached that goal, you’re either tweaking it or setting another. As Lars Gustafsson of Bodymind Institute says, “It’s a simple shift that lasts a lifetime.”


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