Whenever we take on a task, we generally will encounter some kind of road block along the way. Often these roadblocks are what Dr. Wayne Dyer calls our “excuses.”

In the past I have never been one to stick to a rigid excercise routine. I’d be too tired, or my favorite show would be on, or I’d take the time to find something different to do. I find now it is easier to workout with my husband, friends, or when the luxury is available, a personal trainer. Of course when I get my butt off the couch and actually get out there, I feel great after.

Stop creating roadblocks for yourself. Instead get up and start taking action. Some roadblocks are generated by fears. I’ve registered to do a half-marathon. I know in order to finish the race, I’m going to need to train for it. Even on days where I’d rather be doing anything other than running, I still need to get out there and run. Sometimes it may take baby steps to get there. You will eventually reach your goal. Hang in there, you can do it.


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