Conquer your fears

The old saying goes, “Fear conquers all.” That is not so. What most people fear is fear itself. It does not matter what you fear; once you conquer the fear, then you can conquer it all.

In high school cooking class my group and another group were fighting over who got a particular kitchen. The one girl even threatened to beat me up after school. I stood up to her and told her I didn’t care if she beat me up. She ended up backing away and our teacher solved the problem by the old draw of the card.

One of my fears is not being good enough. Do I know this to be true? No! When I focus my strengths on the positives, I know I can and will achieve anything. When I did my morning run this morning, I really struggled. It was hot, and I was overheating. I never gave up. I ended up having to walk the last couple of miles, and I am proud I completed my run.

The greatest achievements were not meet it a single day. There were many failures along the way. Had Einstein quit when things got tough, we would not have the theory of relativity and made the leaps in quantum physics we have today.

Everyone was put here for a reason. Live your life to the fullest and give it your 100%. Life is not out to set you up for failure. People are there to help you along your way. Use any failures as learning experiences to help you achieve your goal. As Alan Parker says, “Have a go. Anybody can do it.”


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