Tortoise and the Hare

Have you ever had a goal within such a close range you could smell the sweet taste of victory? I’m at that point right now where I am so close to reaching a personal goal. The little voice of ego is telling me to trample everything in sight to smash the goal and be victorious. Yet the voice of reason sits on the other shoulder telling me not to rush and to take my time.

I need to remember a marathon is not a 40 km sprint; it is a race in which you need to maintain a steady pace. Start out too fast and you won’t have the strength to finish strong. It is frustrating me as deep down inside I know I can rock it, yet is the timing right? What message is the universe really trying to send me here. With all my running analogies, is it trying to tell me to take it easy in my upcoming race, or is it simply saying to keep life simple.

I know, I should stop over analyzing the situation as that does not solve anything. I’m going to be having some thinking time later today and on the weekend so perhaps an answer will come. For those in similar situations, let’s stay nice and steady like the turtle and let the events take their shape. Every time I’ve read the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, the Hare has still yet to win the race.

Have an awesome weekend!



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