Change is good!

“When you can’t change your circumstances, change your view of them instead, and you will see that when you change the thoughts you hold, they have the power to then unfold and change your world.” – Themis Eagleson, Inspirational Quotes.

It is funny how there are times where you never think you are the one who needs to change. You seek out everyone else to change in order to accommodate yourself. Yet the easiest solution may have been right under your nose the whole time to change yourself.

This attitude can be applied in our personal lives, and to a collective group as a whole. First, seek out understanding to figure out why something is done the way it is done. The solution to your problem may be for you to change. Be open to options and to the idea of change. It may lead to the happiness of everyone involved. Look inwards at changing yourself instead of always trying to change others.


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