My goal is to finish

Had a great weekend. I ran in the corporate challenge 10 k race. It was a good lead up to my half marathon. When I went into work last week I had found out we had more than enough girls on our team. Our team captain decided that should I decide to run, it would be in the fun run. At first I thought about not running. I had lots at home I could do. My husband told me I should run for practice, I did not fully understand why, now I do.

I had runner gitters. I was nervous and excited and I needed to get a long run in; especially since I hadn’t run for a few weeks. Considering the heat and the hills, I ran a decent time. The second half was tough; I had hit a bit of a mental block. I ended up walking a bit more and conserved my energy so I could finish strong. Power songs sure help.

My greatest reward at the end was seeing my girls at the finish line and carrying my sleeping daughter. They are my best trophies.

I understood why I needed to run the race, it was to be in a race environment before my big one. The excitement, nerves and adrenalin you experience are way different than going for a nice light jog.

A big thank you to my husband and daughters who came out to cheer me on. Also thank you to my parents who cheered for me from a distance. Thanks to my running coaches and my hubby again for helping me to get this far.

My goal for the next race is simply to finish it. I am there to finish, not compete. Running long distance, it’s all about pacing. I know my limitations and I will attain my goal. The whole race was to give myself something to work for. When it comes to exercising I need all the motivation I can get. Set a goal for yourself, no matter how big or small, and get out there and achieve your goal.


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