What a magical day!

With everyday comes some kind of magic. This weekend I ran my first half-marathon. It was such a magical moment for me. Not only was it a gorgeous day for the end of September, and I was surrounded by a beautiful mountain scenery, and the most special part was having my husband and 2 daughters there to cheer me on.

During my training, I hadn’t quite reached the full distance of my race. Towards the end of the race I almost got myself all chocked up and nearly started to hyperventilate. I was so proud of myself for getting as far as I had. I kept thinking with every step I took it was one step further than I had previously gone.

The running community is also such a fabulous group of people. My husband was telling my story to everyone he met. I had complete strangers coming up to me to wish me a great race. One lady I started the race with said she met my husband in the coffee shop that morning, and he was telling her of my story. Everyone was out there to have fun, and everyone was in support of everyone else. It is an exillerating feeling to have a total stranger cheering you on, telling you what an awesome job you are doing and that you are almost at the finish line. There was also a cheer squad there with signs saying you are doing this for you. It is so true. I was doing this for me.

I’m not sure what possessed me to run a half-marathon. I was never a runner before. I actually wanted to run it a few years ago for my oldest daughter’s first birthday. By the time I logged onto my computer, the race was full. The universe was trying to tell me I had a different kind of marathon to run that year, as a few months later I was pregnant again with my second daughter. So, my girls are that little bit older, I was no longer breast feeding, and the hubby offered to babysit. I joined a learn to run class, ran my second 5 k in July, ran my first 10 k a couple weeks ago, and now met my goal time of 3 hours for my half-marathon. I even finished the race carrying my youngest across the line.

The magical moments can be a whole day like it was for me, or it can simply be a small moment of peace you may experience. Take time to make magic for yourself, and appreciate the beauty of life.


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