Who is your inspiration?

I am running for the Mommies

Everyone has someone who at sometime inspired them to reach the next level. There are of course the worldly people of whom everyone is familiar with; Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Winston Churchill, Barrack Obama, Oprah, to name a few. What about the everyday heroes who surround our lives. The people who helped me get through my half-marathon, our parents, a teacher, a friend who survived cancer. There are many inspiring people in our everyday lives.

A good friend of mine is a breast cancer survivor. Yesterday we ran together in the Run For The Cure. Her attitude was to get rid of the cancer once and for all so she can get back to enjoying her wonderful life. She was fortunate it was caught at an early stage and that it was easily treatable. After her surgery she told the cancer to go “F#*% itself.”

I was honored to be asked to be her pace car. The night before the race she sent me a text asking what my time was. I was trying to figure out if she meant my run time, or what time I was planning on getting to the run. She wanted my run time, she asked if it was around 38 min. I told her that sounded good and I’d try to keep up. I ended up being more of the anchor than the pace car.

The real feat was all the survivors were able to be there to walk or run for their cause. It was awesome to be surrounded by such love and support. Sometimes the most inspiring people can be found right under your nose.


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