Life is Beautiful

The universe will always provide the right answer. Sometimes it strays for a bit, yet it will always lead back to the right track. As Nassim Haramein said in a chat about Transcending Your Story, “every molecule in the universe is linked together..”

The universe has a unique way of orchestrating life. It can be something as simple as having the exact amount of ingredients to make a meal, to the complications of bringing family together for a funeral or a wedding. It creates a delicate dance in where everything will be at the right place at the right time.

It is being there to inspire a friend to run a race who then encourages another friend to finish the race, all while you are telling her hubby she has passed him and has finished already. It is having a family member pass on just to welcome another a few days later.

Sure life can be complicated. At the same time it is beautiful.


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