Go with the flow!

Sometimes in life you need to learn to go with the flow. You can set your expectations high, and have a rigid plan, yet when a monkey wrench gets thrown into the mix, your whole life feels as though it has fallen apart.

When a friend offers a helping hand by bringing over a meal in a time of need. Be grateful and set aside your meal you had all planned out for the next day.

When you’re trying to watch the kettle boil, and it seems like it is taking forever, perhaps the universe is trying to tell you to focus your energies elsewhere.

Remember, there are no accidents in life. Everything is meant to happen when it happens.

Instead of dwelling on events when they seem to go astray, figure out what message the universe is trying to send to you. Perhaps it was trying to tell you to spend more time with your family, or you needed a meal where people could come an go and eat when they had a chance.

Everything always appears exactly when it is needed.

Sometimes it is best to go downstream with the flow, rather than fighting to go upstream.



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