Break out of your shell.

I believe we all have our talents within us. It is a matter of finding the right moment to unleash our hidden fears to maximize those talents. Looking back at my childhood report cards, I noticed a comment in my grade 1 report card. It said, “Jenifer enjoys chatting with her classmates…” I still get this complaint today at work that I can be “too chatty.” No wonder as a teen I felt like I wanted to be some kind of a speaker. Yet I seemed to feel shy and had a hidden fear that sometimes holds me back.

I believe my fear and my shyness first surfaced shortly after my best friend moved away when we were in Grade 4. She didn’t move far, we simply did not go to the same school anymore, and didn’t spend our whole time together anymore. I was now forced to go out and find new friends. I felt as though I didn’t quite fit in with anyone in particular. Sure I continued to find some good friends here and there, yet I never felt super comfortable. I started to become shy.

This shyness however, would dissipate after a while, especially when I started to warm up to people. I can remember while I was in university, my co-workers at my part-time job said to me one day, “You were this sweet quiet girl, now all you talk about is all the parties or outings you do in your spare time.”

I love talking to people, and I love sharing my stories, and listening to other people’s stories. No wonder I would love to become an inspirational speaker. I heard somewhere that like attracts like. When we seek out motivational speakers, or read different books or blogs that inspire or motivate us, we already had that talent lying dormant within us.

It is time to liberate those feelings. Break out of your shell and find you’re inner calling. It is waiting. Let the universe guide you, and the doors will begin to open. Go out and meet a new person, say hello to the person next to you on the bus this evening. Apply for the new job even if you are scared you might not be the right fit. You will never know unless you try. It always doesn’t hurt to ask. Ask, and you’ll be surprised, that when you ask, you often times will receive.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


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