‘Tis the Season

The holiday season is fast approaching. People are starting to make their lists and are checking them twice. The holidays have become a commercialized mess where people compete with one another to see who can buy the biggest, best, and most popular present.

Where has the true meaning of Christmas gone? Also, for as much pleasure as we get out of giving generously, do we actually know how to receive humbly and graciously?

I had to learn this lesson one Christmas when we were given a gift where we could not imagine to give something of equal or similar value back in return. My husband asked me if the gift we had given was something the person needed? I told him it was. He said, then what was the issue, we had both received something we needed, and the price tag should not matter.

With these times of economic uncertainty, why try to out do yourself. Instead pick small gifts with meaning, give something homemade, or make a fun rule that the gift cannot exceed $20 and see what surprises come about.

Christmas should not be about presents, presents, presents. It is about spending time with our loved ones when we can. When planning time to spend with loved ones, also consider any chaos that may evolve from that. Remember, we are all cherished and loved by our family regardless if we can spend time with them on Christmas day or not.

Let’s remove the stress from Christams, and learn to sit back, relax, and make it a holiday to remember.


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