What is your NOW!

Do you sit there and wonder all the time what could have or should have happened? Stop dwelling in the past. As Pumba and Timon say in Disney’s The Lion King,

put your behind in the past.

No Pumba, it’s put your past behind you.

Sure dreaming about the future can help, only when you focus on the Now. Your dreams won’t come true on their own, you need to take a course of action in order for your dreams to manifest. The course of action could simply be meditation, viewing your dream board each morning or posting your dream on your bathroom mirror so you see it each morning and evening. Try to make it part of your now.

You may feel like your in a bit of a slump. Use your now to re-shift your energies into something positive.

Take time this holiday season to rejoice, relax and reflect. Focus your energies on the positives in life going into the New Year. Focus on finishing this year on the positive and starting the New Year off on a positive note. Be grateful for what you have and what you may receive. Take time to reconcile with someone you feel may be holding you back.

Most of all, have a joyous holiday season!


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