Thank you 2011!

I first of all want to thank everyone for all your love and support through all my blogs. It all started when a friend of mine asked me to share the story of how I got my house through positive thinking. He suggested I start a blog. I am truly amazed and blessed for all the people who have chosen to follow my blog.

I love helping people, and as my husband puts it, a lot of times I’m writing these blogs as a reminder to myself. I have had moments of struggle and moments of triumph. I believe we can all share our thoughts and compassions and slowly change the world.

I am grateful for all my experiences this past year; and I’m excited and can’t wait for what 2012 is going to bring. I believe there is going to be a conscious shift and the world is going to become a lot happier of a place.

I am looking forward to the changes and challenges that are happening in my life. I am so grateful of my family. I love you all deeply even when it may not seem that way.

I wish everyone the best!



One Reply to “Thank you 2011!”

  1. Jen I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your uplifting blog.
    Many posts I write on my blog are a reminder for me as well.
    Look forward to reading your wise words in 2012.
    Peggy xxxxxx

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