Count your blessings!

We all have had one of those days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years where nothing seems to go our own way. We wake up on the so called “wrong side of the bed” and our whole life feels like it is crumbling to pieces.

When this starts to happen, it is time to sit back and truly contemplate how bad you actually have it. Is it a matter that you woke up late, missed your bus and that everyone seems to be out to get you? Well perhaps the things you are feeling are trivial to what others might be experiencing. Why not be grateful for the fact that your wife and kids drove you into work. That your kids miss you and want to talk to mommy or daddy. The little over-exaggerated laugh your child does. Or the co-worker who had a coffee waiting for you. Be grateful when something a bit more major happens that everyone is safe and all can be replaced. As much as we may value material assets, we often forget to value the importance of those we love.

It is important to cherish the small moments in life, as those are the ones that truly count. Remember, when you feel like you are being tried, then start going through your gratitude list. Surround yourself with love and gratitude and the world becomes your oyster.



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