We need each other!

I was reading on Finding the Peace Within’s Fanpage last night:

The root of the word “heal” comes from the word “whole” – so why do we insist on the separation and competition? – Lea-ann Harder

I got thinking about this quote and figured that it is our own pride and quest to be independent that drives us away from one another in a time of crisis, stress, illness, etc. For some, they would rather not be viewed as a burden; for others, they believe they think better when they are left along. There is a reason why children flourish when they are shown an abundance of love and affection. Studies of babies from overcrowded orphangages show that with prolonged periods of being left alone with little to no other human interaction are now having problems adapting to a social and nurturing atomsphere.

Your task is to give someone a hug and let them know how much your care! Have a great weekend!


One Reply to “We need each other!”

  1. I will certainly be hugging many people this weekend Jen.
    I belong to the “Free Hug” movement…..I even hug trees!
    A very inspiring post my friend.
    Warmest heart hugs
    Peggy xxxxx

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