Go with the flow!

Well, as the title suggests, sometimes you need to go with the flow. I was originally going to post this for Monday morning and then for this morning, yet the lovely thing called life got in the way.

We are all bound in some shape or form by schedules. Yet when a hiccup is thrown into the mix, life as we know it seems to unravel.

Having small kids has taught me to appreciate the unexpected. Remember to have patience and that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes the detour can be the best thing that happened!

Have an awesome rest of your day and enjoy the unexpected!


One Reply to “Go with the flow!”

  1. These days I think of life as an adventure. For example I enjoy getting lost when out walking or driving. Luckily I am never lost for too long, but instead of getting anxious I follow the path and enjoy the journey.
    Excellent post Jen.
    Be well my friend.
    Peggy xxxxx

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