Dream the impossible dream!

I’m sitting here enjoying the silence of a sleepy household moments before I have to go to my day job.

In life, I have been taught to dream big. I have always been a great dreamer, both in the day and at night.

What you should do is set yourself a big goal! Where do you want to be (insert date here) from now?

Is your goal to lose weight, is it to expand sales, take your family on a trip, etc, etc!

Whatever your goal may be, DREAM BIG!

How are you going to achieve that goal? Are you more into rewards, or depriving yourself of something? Do you have a weakness for shopping? Set yourself a mini goal towards your big goal, and don’t let yourself go shopping until you have met your goal. You may be more of a rewards person. When I completed my half-marathon I treated myself to a Lulu Lemon hoodie.


I love this quote, as it is so true. Go out there tiger, and climb that mountain!


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