Be grateful for the little gifts

Last weekend my husband and I learned an important lesson on being gracious for the synchronism of life. We knew my laptop was on it’s last legs. It had crashed a few times over the last few months, so we started to think about replacing it.

A friend of ours happened to be moving and asked if we knew of anyone who’d be interested in buying his iMac. We said we would since we needed a new machine.

We picked up the iMac, got it set up, and made sure we transferred all our photos and music off the old laptop. While transferring everything we kept getting an error stating to backup and replace the hard drive. No sooner had we got what we deemed most important off the old machine, it died.

It is so amazing how the universe can watch out for you when you let it. I am ever grateful that I was able to save the photos of our girls, as we hadn’t backed them up before.


One Reply to “Be grateful for the little gifts”

  1. So pleased you didn’t lose any of your precious photos…..that would have been heartbreaking Jen!
    The Universe certainly looks out for us, all we have to do is listen.
    Be well dear friend
    Peggy xxxxxx

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