A great reminder

I wanted to share this quote from my calendar.

How things appear and how they actually exist differ greatly. -Insights from the Dalai Lama

This is so true. To often we are quick to judge a situation when we don’t have all the facts. Sometimes it is hard to decipher the facts from our own perceptions.

I was watching a show about the sinking of the Titanic last night, and James Cameron had mentioned how history is a collective consensus of people’s perceptions. On another show about the Titanic, a group of people were trying to replicate the gentlemen’s room from the ship. The collective consensus was that the Titanic’s color scheme was green. Yet when color photos were released of the wreck, this group discovered that the color scheme was most likely red.

It is amazing how our minds can play tricks and distort the truth. Be brave and be bold when your mind tries to tell you otherwise. And be sure to have all the facts before jumping to conclusion.


One Reply to “A great reminder”

  1. Jen this is certainly a difficult one to remember. Jumping to conclusions when we half-overhear something or see only part of what someone’s doing, and then relating our mistaken conclusions to others is so easy to get wrong.
    Thinking before acting is a great lesson to learn.
    Thanks for your insights.
    Peggy xxxxx

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