We are one!

It is amazing how we are all interconnected. James Cameron’s movie Avatar touched on this topic how each living organism was interconnected. Whether it be a plant, human, or animal; we are all connected.

Some call it a mother’s intuition. A mother can sense when it’s young is in danger. A mother also shares the cells of her children, which according to some theorists, these cells resonate together.

I find it amazing how people can come and go in your life. Each person serves a purpose in the greater scheme of things. Sometimes we will meet a person who feels like they have been part of our lives forever, and sometimes those who have been around a long time drift apart from one another.

Have you ever thought of someone, then received a phone call from that person? Women out there will even notice their cycles will co-inside with the cycles of close friends or family members. Even in a room full of people, there have been studies showing that everyone’s resting heart rate will synch to one another.

We are all one. We are not alone. Cherish and be grateful for those who are part of your life!


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