I can be heard!

Overall I am a fairly quiet person. To hear me you actually have to pause and listen. Growing up, during family get togethers I would go downstairs, watch tv and dream. It was too noisy and no one would let me get a word in edgewise. I can remember when I was playing cards the one night, I actually stood up and said, “will everyone just shut up and listen!” Everyone did shut up and seemed slightly shocked.

It’s not that I’m afraid to talk. I naturally have a soft quiet voice. In fact, I do rather enjoy talking.

As a teen, I partook in Alberta Girls Parliament. It was a full mock parliament, and was an awesome experience. During the debate I stood up to express a point, and I froze. I sat down, embarrassed and frustrated. The speaker of the house sent me a note telling me to write my thoughts down, then to stand back up when I was ready. I did just that. The secretary tried saying I already used my chance, yet the speaker overruled her and said I could speak.

Once I started blogging, I found it very humbling to see my stats and see how many people from around the world read my blog. I can finally be heard through the power of writing. Take time to listen this week!


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