What an amazing day!

What an amazing day it turned out to be! I was trying to get to work early this morning so I could be home earlier to enjoy my time with my kids.

After a storm comes a rainbow. That was how my day felt. It was a fury of activity at work starting our week of month end activities. I thought I was making strides, yet felt further behind than when I started. I ended up deciding to work a bit of overtime so I could try to catch up. I came home to the girls eating a late lunch, that as soon as mom walks in the door, chaos ensues. Ry reminded me earlier that the girls wanted to go shopping. Trying to get them organized was disorganized.

Once we were back home, the girls helped me water the plants. We then played superheroes again. It was, “Mommy, me not Reika, me superhero Reika, and you superhero Mommy! After I got the superheroes off to bed it was time to relax. I asked if my favorite show had taped, Ry said it was taping tonight. I was grateful as I thought I missed the season finale.

Our successes today:
• I got an order for my company
• Ry got an order for his minutes after sending a note out to a few of his contacts
• I took the bottles back
• I got the proper access I need to do my job
• Spending time with my girls doing simple things
• Reese dancing
• Reika’s imagination
• Watching the season finale of Touch

It is amazing how everything is connected. How the universe synchs up with everything. How what seems like a bad day can be a good day.

I love life! 😊


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