An adventure of firsts.

My blog today comes to you from the beautiful country of Costa Rica. It is a trip of firsts, and I’m most grateful for my trusty sidekick, my husband Ryan.

While we were in our planning stages, I felt the need that I wanted to do things I had never done before. At one point I even considered wanting to go bungee jumping, yet I have since convinced myself otherwise. Instead we have planned to go zip lining.

This trip is a trip of firsts for us. It is our first time to Costa Rica. We have rented a condo complete with cooking facilities and have even tried cooking local food of fried plantains and black beans and rice ourselves, thanks somewhat to the powers of Google and the Internet. Our trip of firsts is topped as it is also our first trip away from our daughters. I’m actually finding it rather relaxing and have not missed them as much as I thought I would.

I absolutely love traveling with my husband. We can be adventuresome, yet be so relaxing at the same time. We were trying to find this beach close to the town we were at. We drove a little ways and turned at where we thought the road would lead us to the beach. The road led us to the beach, it ended up being the same beach we were on, just a little further down on the other end. We decided to stay at this beach for a bit and saw a few people walking the rocks. We decided to follow them, and ended up finding a more secluded beach.

We’ve had our fresh coconut on the beach. We braved eating a meal from a beach vendor, which was an awesome more traditional meal. We even found the non-air conditioned supermarket where the locals would tend to shop. And we have stopped at 2 road side fruit stands already.

I’m enjoying my much needed vacation, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the adventure that awaits us.

I’ll have to post some pics in a later blog, including pics of the howler monkeys playing right outside our condo.


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