It’s time to relax!

How many people think their world is going to collapse when everything does not go according to their plans?

When life throws you the unexpected curve ball, we need to learn to go with the flow. Sometimes we think we had everything in place, then all the made plans fall apart.

The question lies, do the plans actually fall apart or is there something better that lies waiting in the foreground? Instead of scrambling, take some time to refocus your energies. Remember what you need to prepare yourself; breathe. Tell yourself you have an abundance of time; breathe. Tell yourself everything will work out in the end; and breathe some more.

The Dali Lama had a nice way of putting it. In amongst the chaos we tend to overreact. Yet when all is said and done and we reflect back on our actions, we realize we were foolish to act the way we did.

Relax, and remember to breathe. Stop rushing, and remember to breathe.

Relax and breathe; relax and breathe.



2 Replies to “It’s time to relax!”

  1. Hello my lovely pinterest friend!
    Such a well written and thought out post Jen. The curve ball normally hits us when we least expect it, but after being hit by many curve balls I have found we learn to take that breath and breathe often.
    Peggy ♥♥♥

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