Learn to stand up for yourself

I had a flash back to my former self the other day. The one who was afraid to stand up and simply ask a question. The one who was afraid of confrontation. What came to my mind as I had this brief flashback was my high school basketball coach telling me to stop being a lady on the basketball court, and start being a basketball player.

There are times in life where even the most passive people need to show a little aggression once in awhile. Sure we can all be marshmellows and fluff, yet when the bull is starring you in the eyes, you need to grab it by its horns.

I’ve had many moments in my life where I have felt small. While in university I had the huge life lesson that all people are just that, people. Sure someone can have a fancy title associated with their name. As a friend of mine puts it, “in the end we all stand and piss the same.” We are all human and no matter how wealthy, the color of our skin, or any other differences we have, we are all the same.

As I’m writing this one quote comes to my mind. “There are no dumb questions, there are only dumb answers.” Stop being afraid of asking questions; and stop being afraid of believing in yourself.

You can do it! You know you can!


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