You can make a difference

Years ago when I was fresh out of high school I was deeply inspired by Oprah’s Angel Network. It was then I knew I wanted to help people. I was working part-time while going to school, and I was fortunate to have very little in expenses. Since I was going to college in my home town, my parents allowed me to live at home rent free, and they paid for my tuition.

It was close to Christmas time when Oprah aired a show about her Angel Network. Being the marshmallow that I am, I felt compelled to do something to help someone. With money burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to help out my local food bank. I went to the grocery store and picked up a case of Kraft Dinner, a case of apple juice, a box of individual hot chocolate, and a case of soup. I arrived at the food bank just as they were closing for the night. The lady asked if I needed help. I told her I had a donation to drop off. I opened my trunk and she asked what I was donating. I told her all of it. She then asked who it was from. I told her it was from me.

She was so surprised as she saw a lot of young people like myself using the food bank. That day I felt like my own Secret Millionaire.

When you have a little extra to give, share your wealth or your time. Volunteering is equally important, if not sometimes more important than the money itself.

I love helping and giving back to people. I loved the time spent volunteering as a leader for Girl Guides to both a Spark and Brownie group. Volunteering taught me a lot of life lessons. From trying to think outside the box to ensure all the girls in our unit could participate in games, to being tickled pink to see a group of 5 year olds all in pink uniforms eager to learn.

You can make a difference, whether big or small. All you need to do is show some love and compassion. What difference are you going to make on this planet?


One Reply to “You can make a difference”

  1. Sharing our wealth and time gives us limitless possibilities for our many journeys and self growth.
    Excellent post my friend.
    Keep shining
    Peggy xxxxxx

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