A wandering child!

Why as adults do we tend to rush around and stress about life in general. Watching my daughters grow, I sometimes pause to reflect on the wonders of the world through their eyes. The other day my husband and I were at one of the local malls with our girls. As we walked through the centre of the mall we both paused to observe our youngest daughter. To our amazement, she was wandering the blue stream like tiles that made up the floor. It was like Dorothy following the yellow brick road.

I love watching children and trying to figure out how they view the world. As adults we learn to forget the innocence of our youth. We brush off those who continue to thrive in a youthful way as different, eccentric, or mental.

Perhaps it is us who needs to relive the innocence of our childhood and follow the blue stream.


One Reply to “A wandering child!”

  1. Your posts are always like a breath of fresh air Jen.
    I have spent the last five years looking after a friend’s child one day a week. Living and playing in his world has been such a joy…..what a wonderful world children live in.
    Peggy ♥♥♥

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