Meditation, and how my mind wanders.

My husband and I were watching Eat, Pray, Love the other night. I love the scene when Liz goes to India and tries to meditate. The clock said 2:59 when she started, and 3:00 when she ended. A whole minute had lapsed, and her mind kept wandering during that minute on how she should decorate her meditation room. This is exactly how I feel when I try to meditate. I sit on the floor and my mind wanders on all the things I need to do, or how I can solve the problems of world peace, etc.

Meditation can come in many different forms. I love to quilt. A few years ago my mom told me I needed a hobby, so I decided to take up quilting. I do machine piece it together, yet I enjoy the art of hand quilting. It is relaxing and helps me to focus my mind.

I also enjoy running. Although I haven’t run for a while, when I do, I love getting out in the fresh air. My favorite time is the early morning when the air is still crisp and the world has yet to wake. This was also my favorite time for breastfeeding my daughters. The wee hours of the morning, where for most (myself included most days) is an hour that is unheard of. It is a beautiful time when everything is still. Everyone is sleeping, there is no noise. It is calming and peaceful. Add a light snowfall or some fog to the picture, and everything becomes magical.

Simply taking a slow walk and enjoying the scenery can be a form of meditation.

To me, meditation is a time when you can calm your mind. Whether you are focusing on your breath, or focusing on each stitch or step. It is all meditation.



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