Am I crazy?


With the last few runs I have done, I have been questioning myself thinking, am I crazy? I started running last year as I had set a goal for myself to run a half-marathon. Well I did it, got that shirt too. A friend of mine got inspired by my running and decided to become a runner herself. We did a half-marathon together in May and we are set to do another one in a couple of weeks.

People ask, how’s my training going? I laugh and say, what training? I went for a run last week and felt like crap. My one leg and knee ached and I hadn’t even finished 5 km. It didn’t help having decided to take up riding my bike to work when I hadn’t rode a bike for 10 years. The whole time I was running I so wanted to quit, yet I had no reason to quit. My friend I’m doing my half-marathon with is a breast cancer survivor. Even though she was lucky and caught it in the early stages, she has endured way more than my sore muscles.

I texted Jenn and told her I need to keep going. She texted me back and reminded me I could do this. She then posted the above pic of the 2 of us after we finished our race in May in Facebook. She reminded me we did this once, we can do it again. We have been an inspiration to each other. And I really need to get my butt in gear as there are only 2 weeks left!


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